SSC #245: Dedicated To The One I Love – The Temprees

SSC#245 – Big up to Lars, Sadhu & Randal for sample duties this week. It’s a beauty, […]

SSC#244: Bowie Week

so i’m a little nervous about this, it’s not an easy one, but it’s the one you […]

SSC# 243: Deer Forest – Pierre Dutour

SSC#243 DEER FOREST, thank you for the trees, the rivers & lakes and the deers. And thanks […]

SSC #242: Ooh – Roy Ayers

Thanks to Ras for this fine selection. So much to chop, lovely vibes, literally. And sex noises. […]

SSC #241: Happiness – Rhetta Hughes

Rhetta Hughes’ Happiness. Nothing fancy or clever, no battles with anyone else, just you, us and a […]

SSC #240: Christmas Special SSC vs AoS

Christmas Special – SSC vs Art of Sampling: Crate Digging & Beat Making. The AoS guys have […]

SSC #238: One – Alyssa Marie

SC#238: ‘One’ by Alyssa Marie. We have an excellent, exclusive acapella from a very talented artist and […]

SSC #239: Le Group X: Reddit Battle

La Group X (SSC vs Reddit /r/makingHipHop). This song ain’t that great but it’s good chop material. […]

SSC #237: Duke of Burgundy

SSC#237: Duke of Burgundy. Big, big sample and it’s all ours. Expecting big things. Post in the […]

SSC #236: Dulzura

Lars Vader BennyBen Beats Doc Sebulba Neil Sims DjSadhu Beats Soufian Vogt Akim Davies Jimmy Hughes Ruby […]

SSC #235: DeBarge, Time Will Reveal

Time Will Reveal by DeBarge. Yeah, it’s SLOW JAM week. You don’t have to make a slow […]

SSC #234: Beyond The Twilight – Yuji Ohno

SSC#234 STAN PACK! Well, it’s a lovely short sample by Yuji Ohno and stan has also prepared […]

SSC #233: Gotta Find A Lover – Roy Ayers Ubiquity

SSC#233: Roy Ayers Ubiquity/ Gotta Find a Lover. I’ve taken this from the fellas over at The […]

SSC #232 – I’ll Be Good

Peace, Peace, Peace *MosDef Voice! Its time to make some Magic this week Gents! Im sure you […]

SSC #231 – Knowledge Born

SSC#231 Knowledge Born acapellas! Big week thanks to Bobby Smith. There are two in the pack. Post […]

MICROFLIP: Doris & Kelly

You Don’t Have To Worry – Doris & Kelley MICROFLIP! some of the guys fancied a quick […]

SSC #230: Suspence Space – Silvano Chimenti

SSC#230 – traditional SSC style, classic chop material, clean with lots of minor variation. You know the […]

SSC #229: Beat Battle Community

it’s BEAT PUSSY COMMUNITIES DOWN week. That’s right.. the stiffs over at BattleFlips : Beat Battle Platform […]

SSC #228: Deeper and deeper

Sample: Post your beats below and on the board: Before Sunday Sep 27th 8 PM. […]

SSC #227: It’s Time for Peace – Lionel Hampton

Chosen for its overwhelming gorgeousness, by the people, for the people. Dig in and get chopping!! Post […]

SSC #226: Julia – Ramsey Lewis

Make sure you post on the VOAT and i’ll play it at 8pm Sunday on the Bedroom […]

SSC #225: PopCorn Classic

SUNDAY SAMPLE CRUNCH #225: PopCorn Classic. There are two samples in the pack: The Download link is […]

SSC #224: Salem Abdullah (Killer Aussie Funk) – Leong Lau

Salem Abdullah (Killer Aussie Funk) – Leong Lau This week we have the best of both worlds… […]


Make the best beat you can for the wonderful vocals of Corrina Joseph, included in this pack: […]

$$¢ #222: 60 Bar Dash – Sean Price

$$¢#222 RIP Sean Price. ANY SEAN P ACAPELLA YOU LIKE. But i’ve linked to a couple below: […]

$$¢ #221 Nostalgia – Piero Umiliani

this sample will knock your jordan’s off. Post your beat on the voating table and post below. […]

SSC #220: Waiting – Vladimir Cosma

SSC #220: WAITING… post your beats onto the voat board, and below. Thanks to Monster-matt Markus for […]

SSC #219: So Whatcha Sayin’ – EPMD

SSC Number 219. This week it’s a little bit different. Waxer and Kenny bring you the theme […]

SSC #218: Speak to The Wind – Spindrift

SSC#218 Spindrift – Speak to the Wind. Thanks to Kenny R for choosing this weeks sample. We’ve […]

SSC #217 This Morning – Paradigm Shift

SSC#217: ‘This Morning’ by Paradigm Shift (Josi Rebel Life {NobodyKnowsJosi on twr & insta} & T.R.U.T.H ) […]

SSC #216: Sunday Sample Crunch

for SSC#216 we’re going to do something a little different if you’re all down, inspired by the […]

SSC #215: Luke’s Nocturnal Visitor – Star Wars Episode V Soundtrack

215: Star Woars/ Luke’s Nocturnal Visitor (…is an erection). Post your beats into the VOATING APP […]

SSC#214: For The Good Times – Toby King

SEVEN PACK (thanks Sadhu) Post your beats below and add them to the VOATER to VOTE. […]

SSC #213: Wisdom of Time – SUPREMES

SUPREMES. Wisdom of Time. This week you NEED TO ADD YOUR BEAT TO THE VOATER – […]

SSC #212 – Sunday Sample Crunch KRZYSZTOF ZAGRAJA/JEDI MIND TRICKS. This week I’m offering a choice – you can either flip this […]


Fared el atrash/Farid al-Atrash/Farid El Atrache… or however you spell his name! This week’s the people’s champ […]


In absence of many voates as well as suggestions for using boath packs why not use ‘em […]

SSC #209 Aa Jane Jaan – Helen, Lata Mangeshkar, Intaquam Song

Lars Vader Doc Sebulba DjSadhu Beats Neil Sims Gregory GigaByte Beckford Bobby Ju Andrzej Aro Austin Quinn

SSC# 208 (Italy 1971) I Marc 4 – Indagine

SSC#208: INDAGINE. In absence of many votes, we’ll go with the one with the most votes. POST […]

SSC #207 Sigma Sound Studio Fender Rhodes

Alright, the people have spoken. Back once again with the ill behaviour is our Purple Chairman Ghaled […]

SSC #206 – Sunday Sample 206

Our man Ghaled Wedad just shared a SICK sample pack. POST YOUR BEATS BELOW by sunday 8pm […]

SSC #205 Mask – YUJI OHNO (1976)

Oh No! Mask By Yuji Ohno. Big thanks to Aaron Kelley for helping with this weeks selection […]

SSC #204 Kelan Phil Cohran and Legacy – White Nile

SSC#204: This weeks beat is White Nile…. very simple and light, some vocals, no drums. The problem […]

SSC# 203 Medium Rare – AmirSaysNothing

SSC#203: AmirSaysNothing – “Medium Rare”. I’m pretty excited about this week. Met this guy in LA and […]

SSC #202 Mike Perjanik – Exotic Plumage (Sonoton)

SSC#202: INTER-COMMUNITY BEAT BATTLE!! OK folks, it’s team vs Team this week. Well, it’ll still be between […]

SSC # 201 Osamu Kitajima – Masterless Samurai (1980)

SSC#201: Osamu Kitajima – Masterless Samurai. POST YOUR BEATS BELOW by 8pm UK time on Sunday Doc […]

SSC #200: Sunday Sample Beats

SUNDAY SAMPLE #200. OK, here is a pretty random selection of the samples sent in. can’t remember […]

SSC# 199: Solo – AquaTarkus

you have a crazy synth solo. UPDATE!! i realise this is a pretty lame sample now. So […]

SSC# 198: Charles Aznavour – Hier Encore

SSC#198. Charles Aznavour with Hier Encore, selected by Vincent Duke from Paris, who’ll be in the studio […]

SSC# 197: Bobbie Gentry – Papa, Won’t You Let Me Go to Town With You

SSC#197 Bobbie gentry – Papa, Won’t you Let me… Post your beats below by SUNDAY at 8pm […]

SSC #196: Sample Pack & Hemanifezt Acapella

DOWNLOAD ACAPELLA:…/qj56s150lh5ppbj/ DOWNLOAD SAMPLE PACK: Last week on the radio show Sean Hemanifezt Cothrine was […]

SSC# 195: Gepy & Gepy – African Love Song

SSC#195 alright the community has spoken. here is this weeks sample with tons of breaks and lots […]

SSC# 194: Dexter the Hamster vs Towel

SSC#194: Sample pack from Ghaled Wedad. There’s a Nas aca in there as well as some tasty […]

SSC# 193: Lead me On – Cho Yong Pil

SSC#193: LEad me On. ok, it hasn’t got a whole lot to sample but it’s just a […]

SSC #192: Corridors of Time: Chrono Trigger Music

OK. So I’ve listened to all of the suggestions extensively trying to figure out how we could […]

SSC# 191: Vintage Keyboard Tribute

SSC#191 Vintage Keyboard Tribute. thanks to everyone for suggestions and ideas on how to play it. Randall […]

Dead Prez

SSC# 190: Dead Prez – Hip Hop

SSC#190……>……>….. SAMPLE & ‘PELLA WEEK. Here’s your link for the samples available –…/74t56afbs…/ 20 of them, […]

Clive Hicks

SSC# 189: Clive Hicks – Think Twice

Clive Hicks (suggested by André). It got the most likes, it’s nice and simple to chop, but […]

Preacher Theme

SSC# 188: Spindrift – Preachers Theme

Preacher Theme. beats in by then of next Saturday/ first thing SUnday (Dec 22nd/23rd) Randall Chin Ten […]


SSC# 187: MED, Blu, Madlib – Peroxide

Post your beats below before the next sample, which will be Sunday 14th December. Here’s the acapella […]

Pecos Kanvas

SSC#186: Pecos Kanvas – Las Perlas de Tu Boca

PECOS PIGEON POP. POst your beats below, I’ll probably include this weeks stuff in sundays radio show, […]

Lam Plearn

SSC#185: Lam Plearn Kiew Bao – Chanpen Sirithep

Lam Plearn Kiew Bao. POST YOUR BEATS BELOW. Austin Quinn Austin Quinn Andrzej Aro Doc Sebulba Soufian […]


SSC# 184: Manu Dibango – Besoka

aaaah fuck, i forgot. SSC#184: BESOKA. i said it would be this. WHY DONT YOU LISTEN? POst […]

Mellow Moods

SSC#183: Mellow Moods – Stop Taking My Gloves

POST YOUR BEATS BELOW. Also as a special treat, here are a bunch of SSC shout outs… […]

Baligh Hamdi

SSC# 182: Baligh Hamdi – My Love Story

POST YOUR BEATS BELOW. There will be a vote for the most fresh and best overall tracks. […]

Francis Lai

SSC# 181 Francis Lai – Finale

Amazing selection form Jimmy Hughes, we are going to have some FIRE this week, i know it. […]

The Rimshots

SSC#180: The Rimshots – Revelation

This record is nearly as old as me. Post your beats below, keep it fresh, avoid the […]


SSC # 179: Sunday Sample Crunch

Last week’s sample pack gave us excellent results. More experimentation than we’ve seen for a while. If […]


SSC# 178: Sample Pack Crunch

This week something a little different. I’ve put together a sample pack with 16 samples and you […]


SSC # 177: Mahagon – Moře klidu

The people have spoken and the people want a lovely slice of Czech micro-funk. In the name […]


SSC 176: Sabali – Rokia Traore

SSC#176 Sabali by Rokia Traore. Finally something with a little finesse. Expecting big things from y’all on […]


SSC 175:  Losing My Mind – Dick Hyman

SSC#175: Dick Hyman. (yeah, really). Losing my Mind. Thanks to Brandon and Akim for shuffling this into […]

Ananda Shankar - Night In The Forest

SSC 174: Night In The Forest – Ananda Shankar

Ssc174 us and a shanker night in the forest. We’ve flipped this before (SSC#43) but since there […]

Sound Express

SSC 173: Sound Express – Ebb & Flod

SOUND EXPRESS: Organ-heavy Swedish psych craziness this week. Interesting to see what flips we´ll get out of […]


SSC 172: Enta Omri (You Are My Life) – Omar Khorshid

SSC 172: OMAR KHORSHID. Late as usual, my bad. Here´s this week´s sample, due Sunday. You know […]


SSC#171: Tenga – New Asian Orchestra

SSC 171: NEW ASIAN ORCHESTRA. *DMX voice* You think it´s a game?! Seriously everyone needs to step […]


SSC#170: Stanley Clarke – Concerto For Jazz – Rock Orchestra

STANLEY CLARKE: BREAK YOURSELF FOOLS! This is this week´s sample. Get cracking! Kenny R Corder Reef Antonio […]


SSC#169: Fat Albert – Creativity

SSC 169 This week I suggest we use some CREATIVITY… and sample from Fat Albert! This […]


SSC#168: Moonlight – L.Subramaniam & Yehudi Menuhin

Very nice mystical Eastern-sounding epic. As usual, your entries are due Sunday. Let’s go! Maxime Crepeault Villeneuve […]


SSC#167: Vertigo OST – The Necklace, The Return, and Finale

Vertigoooooooooooo Conan Swanson Reef Antonio Loretto Kenny R Corder


SSC# 166: Intizar (1973) – Zafer Dilek

Sample: flip it. Reef Antonio Loretto Richard Pomfret


SSC# 165: Moving Shadows – London Studio Group

It’s a big bad 96 era style break that Roc Marciano would wet himself over. But it’s […]


SSC# 164: Fever – Peggy Lee

Sunday Sample #164: Fever by Peggy Lee. There’s not a whole lot to sample here, so you […]


SSC# 163: Jamelão – Folha morta (1956)

SSC#163: Folha Morta! Latin dopeness. Ding Dang Pawloero Beatmaker Conan Swanson Gregory GigaByte Beckford Akim Davies Reef […]


SSC# 162: Here’s That Rainy Day – Sonia Rosa with Yuji Ohno Spiced with Brazil

Sunday Sample #162: Sonia Rosa/Yuji Ohno… No cookie-cutter crap Mario Feliciano Thomas Vos Aaron Kelley Paul Fuhrmann […]


SSC# 161: The Roger Webb Sound – Moon Bird (1971)

Sunday Sample #161: Roger Webb Sound – Moon Bird. Austin Quinn Monster-matt Markus Anders Berntsen Nick Malerba […]


SSC# 160: My Life – Noriko Miyamoto

Noriko Miyamoto’s “My Life”. This sample is the absolute shizz and 11 of you voted for it. […]


SSC# 159: Ill Vibe (Acapella) – Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip

Busta’s Ill Vibe, ft, Q-Tip… the original is in the comments. If it’s a good week I’ll […]


SSC# 158: High Grade Forever (Acapella) – Bounty killer

Acapella week! I found this old Bounty Killer Acapella… (original song in the comments). Kenny R Corder […]

The Flamingos

SSC# 157: Golden Teardrops – The Flamingos

It’s a pretty interesting sample, full of vocal harmony and lush sweeps. It will be quite hard […]


SSC# 156: Ennio Morricone – Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion

SUSPICIOUS CITIZEN CRUNCH. Share with your beat-making friends for easter. Ruby Q Andrzej Aro Richard Pomfret Andrew […]


SSC# 155: Nights in White Satin – Moog Claude Denjean

Tony Orazio suggested this one last week and we all thought that its a pretty dope sample! […]


SSC# 154: Offering – Ravi Shankar And Philip Glass

It´s a slow one, largely devoid of drums and no vocals in sight. But there´s plenty to […]


SSC# 153: Bell System Film from the 1970s

This amazing promotional film from Bell in the 1970s. there are about 4 different snippets, so i […]


SSC # 152: Häx Cel – Albinoni

I’d never heard of this german jazz prog rock band before. Probably never will again, but this […]


SSC# 151: Do you feel it – Alessi Bros

Thanks to everyone that suggested samples (including Tony Orazio, who suggested this weeks) and voted. Mönchin Undso […]


SSC# 150: Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight – Ty Karim

Ace soul track by a lady that isn’t celebrated enough. . email if you want to […]

Do you feel it - Alessi Bros

SSC# 149: Suite Equestria – Moondog

I’ve been looking forward to do Moondog in a sunday sample for a long time, so i’m […]

Laurie Johnson

SSC# 148: Dead Reckoning – Laurie Johnson

It’s a big bad 96 era style break taht Roc Marciano would wet himself over. But it’s […]


SSC# 147: Harry Belafonte Day-O ( Banana Boat )

Harry Balafonte Day-O – it’s not an easy sample, there’s not much there, so you’re going to […]


SSC#146: Cry To Me – Loleatta Holloway

Loleatta Holloway – Cry To Me… the people have spoken and they say Cry to Me. Cousin […]


SSC#145: I’m So Crazy – Starpoint

This is probably one of the hardest samples we have had on SSC because there aren’t any […]


SSC#144: It’s Forever – The Ebonys

Sorry to be so late, but this one got most votes and it is a nice one […]


SSC#143: Masatoshi Nakamura

Masatoshi Nakamura. This one is amazing. I’d been saving it for a flip later, but Jamie H […]


SSC#142: Josine van Dalsum – Mensen

Big thanks to Robin Borgmann for the excellent sample and for everyone that voted. We have a […]


SSC#141: Gotta Find a New World – Al Green (Drumless Version)

I know that this is a duplicate picture. Whatcha gonna do? Austin Quinn Pawel Pawloero Ryzlak Mario […]


SSC#140: Mort Garson – Music To Soothe The Savage Snake Plant

Unless anyone has any huge objections, I think that this would be a good sample for this […]


SSC# 139: Song of Dionysius.

Song of Dionysius. This is a long, atmospheric slab of film soundtrack style audio. There’s so much […]


“SSC# 138: Don’t Be Afraid – Shan Shan (Yao Su Rong)

Post Your Beats Below by Sunday Night Rémi Leszczynski Maxime Villeneuve Richard Pomfret Ruby Q Mario Feliciano […]

Natural Four

SSC# 137: Give This Love A Try – Natural Four

POST YOUR BEATS BELOW on Sunday night. Krzysztof Chriss Jączak Lukas Schroer Mario Feliciano Daniel Hapunkt Ruby […]

The Resurrection, by Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834-1890)

SSC# 136: The Lord Will Make a Way – S.C.I. Youth Choir

The Lord Will Make a Way. I was thinking about “having a break” (i.e. dumping your sorry […]


SSC#135: Early Autumn

This sample is lovely. You are not – you’re a very naughty boy. Cousin Blanbek Ruby […]


SSC# 134: Rachel’s Song (4) – Blade Runner Soundtrack

Blade Runner MICROFLIP – you get just 48 hours to flip this. – post your beats […]


SSC# 133: One in a Million – Aaliyah (Acapella)

this week something a little different. An R&B acapella. Soufian Vogt Ruby Q Da Chouaine Ruby […]

Screen shot 2014-09-26 at 14.15.37

SSC# 132: Yadokari- Kaji Meiko

beaut. Krzysztof Chriss Jączak Da Chouaine Richard Pomfret Ruby Q Kenny R Corder Matthew Cozens

Screen shot 2014-09-26 at 14.18.23

SSC#131: Kaiji (In Stereo)’s “Chicago”

Kaiji (In Stereo)’s “chicago”. Cam Boatman Ruby Q peeps, check out my video with kaiji… like & […]


SCC# 130: Is It A Crime – Sade

SSC130.. so it’s going to be that Sade joint this week… it’s not an easy one, i […]


SCC# 129: Lucifer (Mort Garson) – Solomon’s Ring (1971)

If you rip this sample you will go to HELL. see you there. PS. I will review […]


SCC# 128: Morning Order – Hugh Hopper & Alan Gowen

It’s been sampled a few times but it’s a pretty wonderful sample-filled sausage. Cam Boatman High Quality […]


SCC# 127: Improvisation – Bobby McFerrin

I’ve just cut it up and there’s a lot to play with, but you’re gonna have to […]


SCC# 126: Good Morning Heartache – Natalie Cole

This is a stone cold killer of a track. Apparently ODB’s favourite song. The drums are crystal, […]

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

SCC# 125: Settle For My Love – Patrice Rushen

Patricia Rushen – Settle for my love. It’s been sampled a fair amount, so usually i wouldn’t […]


SSC #124: Go For Yourself – Kenny Smith & The Loveliters

Pretty brutal soul stomper with a big breakbeat, nice rolls and some vocal snippets. I’m sure someone […]


SSC #123: C64 Orchestra – Master of Magic

SSC#123: Master of Magic theme. This week i have the original PLUS an orchestral version of the […]


SSC #122: King L (King Louie) – Val Venis (Acapella w download link)

A bit of a challenge for you.. this kinda dumb chicago trap acapella isn’t most peoples taste, […]

Picture 1

SSC #121: Clara Rockmore – “Habanera” (Ravel)

Crazy ass, lo-fi theremin and piano played by a lady who almost certainly has a lot of […]


SSC #120: LA Noire OST – Track 02 – New Beginning (Part 1)

This week we´re flipping a sample suggested by Kyle Ryder, a short cinematic jazz piece off Rockstar´s […]

crockett tubbs parrot

SSC #119: Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme (Miami Vice)

SSC#119: Crockett’s Theme… love it or hate it, this is this weeks sample. Gonna be interesting, could […]

mr mrs smith dance

SSC #118: Assasin’s Tango – John Powell

Sunday Sample 118: John Powell – “Assassin’s tango” – lovely panned percussion, delicate little notes and edgy […]


SSC #117: Alan Hawkshaw – Saturn Rings

This week we got a lovely, lush ambient synth piece by UK library veteran Alan Hawkshaw. Conan […]

viktor vaughn

SSC #102: Raedawn – Viktor Vaughn

Acapella week & SSC Mixtape #102: Viktor Vaughn (aka MF Doom) – “Rae Dawn”. The acapella is […]


SSC#116: CYBERNAUT – Tonto’s Expanding Head Band

Tonto’s Expanding Head Band: CYBERNAUT. Another tricky week… the challenge here is probably to find the beat […]

Screen shot 2013-08-18 at 17.08.10

SSC #115: Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – Who Loves You

This is a sweet little classic track, there’s quite a few little bits to take (i suspect […]

rainbow meets tornado

SSC #114: Michel Philippot – Ambiance I

Sorry, the original YouTube video was mislabelled – this is the correct artist and song title. And […]

arabian dagger

SSC #113: Green Scarab – Alex Harvey

Green Scarab by Alex Harvey. Lovely chunky arabic vibe instrumental with three main parts. the main bit […]

Senza via d'uscita

SSC #112: Senza via d’uscita – Piero Piccioni

Straight into the sample and beats… Andy Burch Mönchin Undso Ding Dang Gibson Adrain Haynes Kenny R […]

Noji Yukiko

SSC #111: Noji Yukiko

This hasn’t been sampled as far as I can tell, and you better believe this has potential […]

rock steady crew

SSC #110: Hey You – The Rock Steady Crew

We kind of didn’t do ssc this week. Couple us played with this… RubyQ Austin Quinn


SSC #109: Prodigy – Keep It Thoro (acapella)

Been listening to this cat for almost 20 years… and he’s stayed strong longer than most. I […]


SSC #108: Chumei Watanabe

Chumei Watanabe. This week we got a dope sample, a track that consists of apparently four different […]

Amplify Dot / King Kong

SSC #107: Amplify Dot – King Kong (acapella)

SSC107: (ACAPELLA WEEK) Amplify Dot / King Kong. Alan Valevsky kindly put the acapella file up for […]

Rana & Selçuk Alagöz

SSC #106: Rana & Selçuk Alagöz – Ateş de Bacayı Sarmış

And I have to say that I LOVE this track but it’s probably the hardest sample we’ve […]

mulatu astatke

SSC #105: Mulatu Astatke – Yekermo Sew

This one is a beauty, made no mistake. Lush, emotional, deep Ethiopian-inspired jazz with stacks of bits […]


SSC #104: Dave Kamien Division – Dead Ringer

Sunday Sample #104: Dead Ringer… I know that i said we had too many 70s breaks, but […]

Kartina Dahari

SSC #103: Kartina Dahari – Es Lilin

It’s a beauty, very wu tang in feeling. Whatcha got? Stéphane Gibert Alex Lawrence Odd Jobs RubyQ […]


SSC #101: March – British Grenadiers

Sunday Sample #101… curveball coming your way… this week it’s the marching theme form the british genadiers. […]


SSC #100: Doris Day – 100 Years From Today

It’s a big number and it’s a pretty amazing achievement for us to have got this far. […]

Ninety Nine & One Half

SSC #99: Ninety Nine & One Half – Wilson Picket

Ninety Nine & One Half – Wilson Picket. So this will be a bit of a challenge […]

Sammy Nestico

SSC #98: Sammy Nestico – Shoreline Drive

Sammy Nestico – Shoreline Drive (repost – i used the wrong ssc number in the previous post) […]


SSC #97: The Great Gambler – Do Lafzon Ki Hai Dil

The Great Gambler Do Lafzon Ki Hai Dil Ki Kahani Sharad Kumar Asha Bhosle – a drifting […]

Hugo Montenegro

SSC#96: Hugo Montenegro – The Shark

The Shark. if you didn’t get the file sent to you on the SSC mailing list, you […]

Puccio Roelens

SSC#95: Puccio Roelens – Caravan

It’s a freaky version with stutterings, bongo madness and stereo split do you can isolate stuff… will […]

The Goonies

SSC #92: The Goonies -Theme (Full)

The Goonies theme. which may seem a pretty weird selection but when you listen to the samples, […]


SSC #93: Mz V B.A.R. (Bitches Ain’t Real)

This week we have something a little different. It’s an acapella from the 1st lady of dopespot, […]


SSC#94: Baris Manco – ‘2023’

Here’s the D/L thanks to Missing InSanity – so you have some insane turkish prog rock. […]

Assasin - Facilitate War

SSC #91: Assasin – Facilitate War (Wanted Riddim Massive)

Dancehall Acapella Week! Assassin ‘Facilitate War’. I’m rather looking forward to this week. A lot of you […]

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 01.07.10

Live Beat-Making Sessions in London

We run a weekly online beat challenge, and March 24th 2013 we’ll start doing live beat-making session […]


SSC#90: Bahamadia – Uknowhowwedu (acapella)

After a multitude of dancehall acapellas were suggested and rejected we ended up on this lovely Bahamadia […]


SSC#89: Sven Libaek – ‘No Flowers On Venus’

A very popular sample and some excellent flips. You want info on the sample, huh? Sure, tell […]


SSC#88: Urszula Dudziak – ‘For Pia’

It’s kinda hard not to love this sample: it got a lovely soft opening, light vocals and […]


SSC#87: Stix Hooper – ‘Jasmine Breeze’

Loving this koto-driven funk number. Straight to the music, huh? And i’ll be using the standard soundcloud […]


SSC#86: MHz Legacy Acapella – “Yellow + Blu”

We stole from the compeitiotn that was running by 2dope boys/MHz, and boy, i’m glad we did. […]


SSC#85: Psycheground – Traffic

A hard(ish) psych monster aided by being split track: left & right channels, when split, give you […]


SSC#84: Nipsey Hussle Acapella Week

So as an experiment, we tried to take a whole acapella album and remix it. People picked […]


SSC#83: Kinobe playing the Kora

Snack One Vibes Antagonist/ Soufian KK / Ruby Soufian again Needles Arm Fall Off Boy Ian / […]


SSC#82: La Nuit by Paul Mauriat

I dunno why i switched title format. Did you notice? Nah. Travis / Ill Cosby Krzysztof Aro […]


SSC#81: Jacky Giordano – Tablasse

What i know about this would fit into a fly’s back pocket. It’s sneaky, suspenseful and has […]


SSC#80: *Acapella Week* GZA – Fame

Lovely acapella for this week: GZA’s Fame. And WOW did it set the guys off on hyperdrive… […]


SSC#79: Johnny Harris – “Footsteps on the Moon”

I know very little about this sample other than that it must have been from a film […]


SSC#78: Marijata – I Walk Alone

The cover of this track alone is worth flipping, but this lovely track from ghana is sweet […]


SSC#77: AZ, Raekwon & Ghostface – “New York” (Acapella)

Finally we do an acapella for SSC… and with AZ, Raekwon and Ghostface, it was bound to […]


SSC#76: Ifang Bondi – Saraba

We usually get some good samples to choose from, but this week there was gem after gem […]


SSC#75: LaMont Johnson Quintet – Chow Chun’s Theme

From the score of 1973 film Thunderfist… it sounds like a bad sample cliche, but it’s actually […]


SSC#74: Sun Ra and His Arkestra – There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)

Sun Ra week was always going to be madcap, and we were always build for travelling the […]


SSC#73: Frank Strazzeri – Cloudburst

Sample blah blah blah, nice smooth jazzy feel, blah blah… listen below, lots of very nice cuts. […]


SSC#72: Stelvio Cipriani – Enfantasme

I’m not certain that this is the name of the song, but it’s the cover on the […]


SSC#71: Les Baxter – Winds of Sirius

I can’t remember the exact details, but i was nervous about this sample and as ever, i […]


SSC#71: Tesfa Maryam Kidané – Heywèté

The chosen track for our Africa theme; this humid, drifting Ethiopian jazz is stunning and rich with […]


Microflip #8 (SSC#70): Toto – Africa

Duck Alert – being the nugget that he is – suggested this as the sample for our […]


SSC#69: Minoru Muraoka – The Positive & The Negative

Japanese koto funk. Yeah, we roll like that. In fairness, we have a bit of a Japanese […]


SSC#68: Laghonia – My Love

Travis kindly sorted it out this week. Not that it’s an excuse for not knowing much about […]


SSC#67: John Fiddy & Norman Candler: Dream of Silence

Calm, quiet, with a bunch of clean sounds and some nice breaks. Leeks like Fiddy did the […]


SSC#66: Deniece Williams – Free

1976 cut from her “This is Niecy’ album: this slow jam glitters like gold, with chimes and […]

Chi-Lites, The - Half A Love  2

SSC#65: The Chi-Lites – I’m not a Gambler

Orchestral stabs, easy beat, vocal layers… lots to play with. Well, that’s what I thought at first. […]


SSC#65 Microflip: Osamu Kitajima – Tengu

What is it with Japanese samples? they just have the crunchers pull out A-game every time. This […]


SSC#64 Microflip: Gianfranco Plenizio – Musica Per Anna

So some of the SSC cats took it upon themselves to do a little 24 hours microflip […]


SSC#64: Takonari Arisawa – Allegations

Deep, moody little action thriller with real 90s New York style breaks… it’s amazing that this hasn’t […]


SSC#63: Eumir Deodato – San Juan Sunset

I really didn’t like the sound of this last Brazilian thing at first, but there were a […]


SSC#62: Mort Garson – I Ching

The album says on the front “Elctronic musical impressions of the occult”. I mean, how creepy 70’s […]


SSC#61: Piero Umiliani – Lui E Lei

Something very familiar about this… yeah, it’s similar to several other samples. We dig a little samba, […]

Bill Evans

SSC#60 MICROFLIP: Bill Evans – My Foolish Heart

Something about this got the best out of people. It was a sample that didn’t make the […]


SSC#60: Annu Malik – Sun O Dilruba Dil Ki Yeh Sada

An absolute fire-cracker of a sample, this bollyhood heavyweight had ‘big beat’ written all over it. Apparently […]


SSC#59: The Chordettes – Sandman & Never on a Sunday

The Chordettes had a very particular sound, which really lends itself to chops. I couldn’t resist this […]

tammi terrell 01

SSC#58: Tammi Terrell – All I Do Is Think About You

This track means a lot to me, or it did at the time. I couldn’t stop listening […]


SSC#57: Marc Moulin – Tohobohu Part I.

Dope water-dripping magnificence & heavy breaks on this ’70s film score style jazzy track from Belgium. Get […]


SSC#56: Tandot – Niedernwöhren

A mellow 70’s Argentinian folky funk thing. Lots of interesting flex on this. Banda Kando7 / Neils […]


SSC#55: Chevolet advert (1974) – “designings”

This one was that was suggested by Soufian (aka Vibes Antagonist) a few months back, wasn’t selected […]


SSC#54: Michael Polnaref’s “Voyages”

Reading the comments on youtube it seems that Necro sampled this on “light my fire”. Then the […]


SSC#53: Orchestra versions of game songs, including C.O.D & Angry Birds

Four tracks in one, all part of a performance by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. This includes Call […]


SSC#52: Frank Sinatra’s “It was a very good year”

One year old and this is a beauty of a sample. Frank’s Sinatra’s “it was a very […]

Screen shot 2012-04-15 at 23.57.47

SSC#51: Dalida’s “Pars”

I try to be rigorous about this: post up some suggestions for samples, get feedback, select the […]


SSC#50: 10 Classic Breaks to crunch

It being a reason for a bit of a celebration – 50 weeks, no less – the […]


SSC#49: You & The Explosion track from Lupin 3rd

I told people that it was gonna be BIG and I didn’t lie. Oh, and if i […]


SSC#48 MICRO-FLIP: Lamont Dozier’s “Shine”

So this was the sample that got a lot more votes than the main SSC#48 joint, and […]


SSC#48: Joann Garrett’s “It’s No Secret”

There was controversy this week. A different sample got the most votes, but i decided that this […]

[Telemusic] - TM 3034 - Tonio Rubio - Rhythms (1973)

SSC#47: Tonio Rubio’s “Dead Slow”

SLow, light, quite a lot of repetition, but it did have some nice sounds, drifting voices and […]


SSC#46: Thomas Crown Affair/ Chess Game

A sample-chopper’s delight. Isolated sounds, smooth lone instruments and chords, strings, xylophones, guitar riffs, pianos and harpschords… […]


SSC#45: Sakura Sample, Japanese koto

I always thing that it’s really cheesy when a producer uses certain world sounds: i imagine that […]


SSC#44: Brian Bennett “Image”

I think that we’ve used a track by this guy before. He used to be in the […]


SSC#44 Mirco-flip: Whitney Houston “where are you”

just a quick little flip with one of whitney’s tracks as a little tribute. most of the […]


SSC#43: Ananda Shakar “Night in a Forest”

No vote this week: i heard this and knew it had to be the sample. Light on […]


SSC#42: Quarteto Em Cy – “Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser”

I really have no idea what the title means or anything about this. I could find out […]


SSC#42 MICRO: Eternal Champion

Last day of January and a bunch of us were online voting for this weeks sample. The […]


SSC#41: Darondo – “Didn’t I”

Really, this has to be one of the best samples I’ve had the pleasure of crunching for […]


SSC#40 Bruno Nicolai – “Apprensioni”

Jagged, full of suspense, pretty light on beats but full of hot sounds. The plan was to […]


SSC#39: Isabelle Aubret – “Casa Forte”

Probably the most universally loved sample we’ve had in a while… there was no fussing or fighting, […]


SSC#38 Micro-flip: Mandingo!

Sometimes that samples that we don’t choose deserve a little love. Add to that an insatiable addiction […]


SSC#38: Truth – “See You Later”

I know nothing about this sample, apart form the fact that it’s tight, soulful 80s soul with […]


SSC#37: Harvey Mandel – “Cristo Redentor”

Don’t you just love that time between christmas and new years? it’s time for little projects, soting […]


SSC#36: Ray Conniff – “Ring Christmas Bells”

Dark, sharp Christmas carol, full of rich vocal layers… the brief for this weeks sample was simple […]

Hausu (1977) the ultimate japanese horror movie 10

SSC#35: Yasushige Utsunomiya – “Short Stories”

You don’t get many samples as simple and as clean as this.. Yasushige Utsunomiya’s Short Stories. I […]


SSC#34: Earth & Fire – “Last Seagull”

It was the sample we argued over last week and for the first time i’m bringing a […]


SSC#33: Chaka Khan – “Ain’t Nobody”

Cold classic here, featured in the Breakdance movie (yeah, i’m that old) and everyone love it. I […]

Screen shot 2011-11-22 at 00.14.17

SSC#32: The Independents – “baby i’ve been missing you”

Is this the sweetest sample we’ve seen on SSC in recent months? Hip hop purists will rightly […]


SSC#31: Switched-on Bach (Cloudhop) – Sinfonia 35

At first I thought this was the version of the Bach track by Walter/Wendy Carlos, but turns […]

Gal Costa - 1987 Lua de Mel Como o Diabo Gosta

SSC#30: Gal Costa – “Barato Total”

What seemed like a lovely choice from Richard P saved us from a clutch of weird-ass synths […]


SSC#29: Ennio Morricone – ‘Lizard in a Woman’s Skin’

At first we had a different video and didn’t know who it was. Annoyingly, i found out […]


SSC#28: Breakout – “Nie znasz jeszcze życia”

I wasn’t a fan of this sample, but the beats turned out good. If you check over […]


SSC#27: Roy Budd – M17 (from Foxbat)

The picture is pretty much unrelated, aside from being a fox bat. but i don’t think that […]


SSC#26: Alain Goraguer – Ten Et Tiwa (from Planete Sauvage)

Everyone really liked this weeks sample, from Planete Sauvage. I can’t be bothered to tell you much […]

Michel Colombier - Thème de L'ALPAGUEUR

SSC#25: Michel Colombier’s ‘Thème de L’ALPAGUEUR’

Another sample gem this week. Michel Colombier‘s Thème de L’ALPAGUEUR is a typical piano & brass driven […]


SSC#24: Claude Perraudin’s Tremplin; French library funk

It was a very hot sample – Claude Perraudin’s Tremplin (1980) – that a lot of people […]

Screen shot 2011-09-21 at 01.55.19

SSC#23: Hwang Jin Yi ost -野花 (Ya Hwa) -ファン・ジニ

SSC#23 shaped up to be a bit of a classic. Skan choose the sample, and after a […]


SSC#22: Blackbyrds – Rock Creek Park

I’ll just copy in the paragraph from Wikipedia on this track: In particular, their 1975 song “Rock […]


SSC#21: Afro Cuban Band – ‘Something’s Gotta Give’

There was literally one suggestion for this weeks sample, all agreed straight away that it was a […]


SSC#20: African 70s funk – a lot better than you expected

Seriously heavy, utterly addictive, slightly tropical, messy, deep African groove from my fav new funk discovery. I […]


SSC#19: It’s Porn Week

By now we’ve stopped putting the samples out to vote, so whoever is online on Facebook on […]


SSC#18: Saxophones are bad and belong in the 80s

I’m not a fan of the saxophone, and the words ‘funky saxophone’ make me want to break […]


SSC#17: Alfred Pee Wee Ellis – ‘In The Middle’

Big, brassy JB’s grooves for this week. A sample you are sure that you’ve heard before, but […]


SSC Vol3: Weeks 11-15

a ten minute, quick-switch gallop through weeks 11-15 blazes through around 30 tracks from a stack of […]


SSC#16: Lionel Richie – “Hello”. Yep, that’s right. One of the best SSC’s

I’ve been suggesting this track for a while, partly for wind Duck up, and to push the […]


SSC#15: Mike Vickers – “Turning Point”

We’ve gone library music crazy at SSC, and this week is a real class act from 70’s […]


SSC#14: Mass Production – “I Don’t Want to Know”

Classic sample territory with Mass Production’s ‘I don’t want to know’. This 10-piece funk troupe has a […]


SSC#13: El Toro on an Arp synth: Italian library sounds

This dirty little italian eclectro library break, featuring the arp synth by Alberta Balden AKA Blue Marvin […]

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 20.25.32

SSC#12: Marimba Breaks & Cinema Orchestra

For the first time we decided to use a sample pack that I put together: you can […]


SSC#11: Camille Sauvage – Declic

The french have a good history in library sounds and Camille Sauvage is one of the best […]


SSC Vol2: Weeks 6-10

A compilation of the tracks from weeks 6-10. This time i loosened up the format a little […]


SSC#10: Pierre Arvay’s “Last Night”

More classic library sounds from the 60’s. I’d never heard of the artist, but it turns out […]


SSC#9: Stringtronics “Mindbender”

Is this one of the illest samples we had had to this point? Certainly MiS’s selection of […]


SSC#8: Duke Ellington’s “Satin Doll”

I don’t think that anyone even liked this weeks sample, apart from maybe Monster Matt because it’s […]


SSC#7: Gill Scott Heron’s “I Think I’ll Call it Morning”

With the news of Gil Scott Heron’s death being a big talking topic on DT, we knew […]

Screen shot 2011-09-04 at 04.17.42

SSC#6: Bootsy Collin bass lesson

Bootsy Collins giving a bass lesson made for a pretty awkward joint to snip: vocals all the […]


SSC Vol1: Weeks 1-5

A compilation of weeks 1-5: just 16 bars or so of each track as a reference, with […]


SSC#5: A man with a moog & Smokey Robinson’s ‘I Can’t Stand to See You Cry’

A synch nerd testing an old moog was the main sample this week, but we fannied around […]


ssc#4: 60’s TV themes – lid flipped

a collection of 60’s TV themes was the video for this week, with most of us using […]


SSC#3: Yvonne Fair – ‘Let Your Hair Down’

Originally, the ‘winner’ from last week choose the sample for the next week. Sickle choose this beauty […]


SSC#2: Mancini’s backing to a german flick with Rachel Ward

We didn’t realise at the time that this sample was a Henry Mancini track – I took […]


SSC#1: Malaysian Mash-up: Sarena Hashim

The first sample for SSC was an inspired choice by Cheeseburglar; Malaysian singer/actress Sarena Hashim with Kenangan […]


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