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I’m addicted to beats. And if you’re reading this, you too may suffer from this addiction. Alcoholics have the AA, beak freaks have SS. In fact, it’s called Sunday Sample Crunch, because we crunch, flip, fry and generally destroy samples.

Hop over to the rules section to find out all the details, but in a nutshell, every week on Monday the SSC beatmakers meet in the sunday sample facebook group and choose a sample to chop up (usually from a youtube video). The audio is shared and we get to work. The beats are posted onto the soundcloud group by the end of sunday. And then we do it again. Simple. Sometimes when we get really excited (usually a Tuesday) we do a micro-flip, which is just a quick sample chopping session in an evening, which can get pretty bonkers.

It’s not a competition, it’s not meant to be polished or perfect, it’s designed to throw out some beat experimentation. We just love flipping samples, and this group format is working out just fine. You’re welcome to join us… head over to the contacts page.

You should link up with is on Twitter: we’re @sundaysample


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  1. Jaye Burough

    Man I really want to be a apart of this and I have been trying to email to get in on this what do i need to do? I’ve been told that once you get on the mailing list tracks to listen for and sample will be mailed to you or posted on youtube to sample, if this is so how do I get on the mailing list…..I do not have a facebook page because I think social media sites suck balls…but I do have a sound cloud page if interested….I was refered to this site by member ill cosby…

    Thank s


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