We’ve been doing sample clashes on dopetracks for ages – like years – but a clash proposed by monster matt got me thinking about making it a regular. One week i decided to get a weekly sample chop going. Originally it was a 48 hour flip – we decided the sample on Saturday morning (UK time) and posted by the end of Sunday. In fact, Duck, MiS and me did a few 60 imnute flips, which were just plain crazy but kinda fun. Perhaps we’ll do more of those later. The first week was one of the best and people got the taste for it pretty quick.

around August this year, we’d grown and grown and there was a need to reach out to audiences outside of dopetracks, so i set up this site, the facebook group and twitter feed. Oh, that the soundcloud.

So far (to SSC#24) we have created over 8 hours of music, and there as been around 170 of SSC tracks. Every week it’s getting bigger and badder.

bear challenge

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