SSC#26: Alain Goraguer – Ten Et Tiwa (from Planete Sauvage)

Everyone really liked this weeks sample, from Planete Sauvage. I can’t be bothered to tell you much more about the samples these days; perhaps i’ll come back and add info at some point. It was a dozy to cut up becuase it had lots of changing, broken parts.

This one from Coney is one of my fav SSC’s for a while. Not only did he do the track but he did a neat little video for it too:

26Dopetracks Coneys SSC 26 Track by CONEY by SundaySample

You know, if you post your stuff on soundcloud i post it as a separate track. Otherwise i have to rip it and upload to my account, but i’m going to stop dong that soon. Here’s mine.
26 kk & murdocSSC26 by SundaySample

Ssc26 by everlucid

SSC#26 – The Hate (Arm Fall Off Ten Et Tiwa Remix v2) by Arm Fall Off Boy

SSC 26 – H like the Wu by L. A. Proper

20SI6 SSC #26 by SkantroN

the rest of them are here in the player… flick through!
Sunday Sample Crunch week 26 by SundaySample

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