SSC#24: Claude Perraudin’s Tremplin; French library funk

It was a very hot sample – Claude Perraudin’s Tremplin (1980) – that a lot of people struggled with, but the result were solid. Plus we had a lot of new people from outside of DT, which gave it a fresh perspective. There was also a vocal from Logic the DA. As always, it was hot and slippery and most people couldn’t quite hit the nail on the head with his freaky flow. But then, that’s the deal with SSC: if it was easy it would be boring.

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Sunday Sample Crunch week 24 by SundaySample

jonas Beats:
Rio Da Beat Bender:
cruicky FitToFunk:
arm fall-off boy:
LA Proper:

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  1. MonsterMatt

    It’s another song I’d probly never use but I did it and it came out pretty cool
    SsC is in e f f e c t!

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