SSC#1: Malaysian Mash-up: Sarena Hashim

The first sample for SSC was an inspired choice by Cheeseburglar; Malaysian singer/actress Sarena Hashim with Kenangan Manis. Personally, i think it still stands up as one of the best samples we’ve had in the series, and I miss having Cheeseburglar around to pull out these beauties.

Anyone know what happened to Cheese?

Sunday Sample started out as a 48 hour beat challenge on dopetracks, in April 2011. I sort of knew that i was going to make it a regular, becuase i’d just started a new job and I didn’t have time for all the collaboratins on DT. Go to the about page for more background, but in a nutshell, a group of DT beatmakers agree a piece of audio to cut up (unusually from a youtube video) and submit it 48 hours later.

Here are the tracks from week 1:
Sunday Sample Crunch week 1 by SundaySample

Tracks in the first week and their dopetracks link:
Monster Matt
Also Cheeseburgler (offline) and Tragedy Ferreno’s is offline, but i have it here on soundcloud

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  1. Edgar

    Im really liking the tragedy ferreros mix and cheeseburglar flip

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