Live Beat-Making Sessions in London

We run a weekly online beat challenge, and March 24th 2013 we’ll start doing live beat-making session in a music venue in East London from 4pm-8pm. People will be given the sample at the start of the session and have until 7.30pm to make a beat, then we’ll showcase all of the beats.

The Sunday Sample is a community of beat-makers from all over the world that get a new sample on Tuesday and have until Sunday to post a beat using that sample by Sunday. The beats are a rough, unfinished, throw-away mixture of beats, leaning towards hip hop, but we get submissions in pretty much every style and want more craziness. It’s cool to hear what people do with the same sample and chat to other beat addicts.

We DJ at this bar every week (see but this is the first time we’ll be having a live beat session. To be honest, i don’t know if there will be more than a handful of us and I haven’t worked out the details, but I figure it’s worth a go.

On Sunday Sample regularly do ‘micro flips’ where we post the sample on facebook and people have just a few hours to do it, and it’s often where the most interesting beats come from. Don’t worry about being the best, everyone respects eachothers craft. Sometimes my beats are good, often they are weak, occasionally they really suck, but I love the discipline of a quick beat.

If you fancy it then let me know on and I’ll get you more details. Ask any questions you want. We may make it so that we give people the sample earlier, so you can do the beat in advance, but i’ll be bringin laptop and headphones and doing it then and there. BOOM. – .let me know what you think.

NonDef is at The Haggerston on Kingsland Road (between Daltson and Shoreditch), 4pm-8pm.

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