MICROFLIP: Doris & Kelly

You Don’t Have To Worry – Doris & Kelley

some of the guys fancied a quick flip. This is NOT the mian flip fo the week, this is just a little challenge that’s open for 24 hours and in most cases people jsut have an hour or two to flip. I believe Julek Kurczewski, AndrĂ© Almeida, DuckAlert Beats Lars Vader Oyogi Tesla, Travis IllCosby Johnson and a few more down… if you are, say in the comments so we know who’s in… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxL6lQIqGmM . the challenge will be closed tomorrow. we can put it on the voatboard too – there is a new listing for it. HIT IT

DjSadhu Beats

Chris Sicktunes

Stan Steez

Mateusz Bzymek

Neil Sims

Ghaled Wedad

Jaye Burough


Randall Chin Ten Fung

Travis IllCosby Johnson

Austin Quinn

Ruby Q

Soufian Vogt

Kristof Tooraw

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