SSC #121: Clara Rockmore – “Habanera” (Ravel)

Crazy ass, lo-fi theremin and piano played by a lady who almost certainly has a lot of cats. This was a suggestion last week and i know a bunch of you were interested… We’ve never done anything like this. The results are good when you’re out of your comfort zone but less of you flip. So we’re doing this.

Robert L√ľngen

Jason Curtis

Pawel Pawloero Ryzlak

Soufian Vogt

Andrzej Aro

DigitalMonster Instrumentals

Alexis Gross

Randall Palma

Anders Berntsen

Kenny R Corder


Jamie H Schnetzler

Andy Burch

Mario Feliciano

Carlos Sandoval

Bernardo Hafir Almanzar

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