SSC# 160: My Life – Noriko Miyamoto

Noriko Miyamoto’s “My Life”. This sample is the absolute shizz and 11 of you voted for it. That means if we don’t get 11 flips i’ll have to start posting lil wayne acapellas. POST YOUR BEATS BELOW, even if you’re not done, post it, that’s how we roll. the only thing that should be polished around here is ________ (add your own joke). (share this with your beat-making buddies).

Paul Fuhrmann

Pete Myers

Conan Swanson

Jimmy Hughes

Mario Feliciano

Monster-matt Markus

Kyle Ryder

Pawloero Beatmaker

Ruby Q

Valentin Grange

Maxime Crepeault Villeneuve

Reef Antonio Loretto

Jamie H Schnetzler

Ruby Q

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