SSC # 179: Sunday Sample Crunch

Last week’s sample pack gave us excellent results. More experimentation than we’ve seen for a while. If you can stick to either 120 or 90 BPM that would be great. If you don’t want to stick to that, it’s cool, just makes it easier for a mix (and remember to send your finished beat to if you want it in). Here’s the sample pack: I think a few people feel like the samples are too much like loops: they will be if you don’t chop them up! get your scissors out!! BTW i have had just 2 or 3 files sent to me, couple have said they have made it downloadable on soundcloud, so i’ll do a mix with what i have if i have enough in the next few days.

Doc Sebulba

Jimmy Hughes

Odd Jobs

Austin Quinn

Richard Pomfret

Andrzej Aro

Tragedy Ferrero

Ruby Q

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