SSC# 191: Vintage Keyboard Tribute

SSC#191 Vintage Keyboard Tribute. thanks to everyone for suggestions and ideas on how to play it. Randall / Deemetry suggested some specific parts (see below) which make sense as it’s a long vid, but I doubt anyone will get too upset if you find your own groove in there. This is going to be a BEAST of a week, i’m pretty confident of that and i will savage your beats on the radio show, which is doing rather well on the station. POST YOUR BEATS BELOW

Spliff – Rock is a drug
6:00 – 7:00

Rick Wakeman – Catherine of Aragon
9:26 – 10:10

Saga – Ice Nice
11:08 – 12:00

Queen – You’re my best friend
12:00 – 13:20

Andrzej Aro

Elijah Pfotenhauer

Marlon Masanz

Kristof Tooraw

Ruby Quince

Travis IllCosby Johnson

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