SSC# 194: Dexter the Hamster vs Towel

SSC#194: Sample pack from Ghaled Wedad. There’s a Nas aca in there as well as some tasty chops.

POST YOUR BEATS BELOW. Get them up by 8pm GMT (London) on Sunday Feb 1st if you want to get played on the radio show. Make sure they play from the page. If you want to hear what the show sounds like, it’s the first comment.

I would find it so funny if someone took the video.

Ruby Quince

Sunday Sample ssc 193 25th Jan by Haggerstonradio on Mixcloud

Doc Sebulba

MichaƂ Ruta

Thomas Vanderbeck

Ruby Quince

Ruby Quince

Monster-matt Markus

The best underground hip hop artists in the universe

Marlon Masanz

Ruby Quince

Sunday Sample ssc 194 Feb 1st 2015 by Haggerstonradio on Mixcloud

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