SSC #196: Sample Pack & Hemanifezt Acapella

DOWNLOAD ACAPELLA:…/qj56s150lh5ppbj/

Last week on the radio show Sean Hemanifezt Cothrine was co-host and this week he’s given us an acapella, and he’ll be reviewing what you did. He’s cool with you chopping the hell out of it, do whatever you want to make something ill. The acapella is 75.72BPM -the download has the original song, so you don’t have any excuses for matching it up wrong. POST YOUR BEAT BELOW by 8pm (London time) on SUNDAY 15th! email to join the mailing list if you want me to send you the samples

Ruby Quince

Thomas Vanderbeck

Ruby Quince

Sunday Sample ssc 195 Feb 8th 2015 by Haggerstonradio on Mixcloud

Wazz Up

Marlon Masanz

Spirit Shinobi

Doc Sebulba

Andrzej Aro

Till Bender

Masih Nazerian

Sean Hemanifezt Cothrine

Ruby Quince

Sunday Sample ssc #196 15th Feb 2015 by Haggerstonradio on Mixcloud

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