SSC# 199: Solo – AquaTarkus

you have a crazy synth solo. UPDATE!! i realise this is a pretty lame sample now. So you really don’t need to do much with the sample – take a single note if you can’t find anything – my apologies for not making it easier, but if you give it a little time you will find that you end up being more creative. Post your beats below by 8pm (london time) and it will get played on the show.

Mönchin Undso

Doc Sebulba

Thomas Vanderbeck

Stéphane Gibert

Marlon Masanz

Oskar Schoen

Travis IllCosby Johnson

Travis IllCosby Johnson

Sean Hemanifezt Cothrine

Vincent Duke

Ruby Quince

Till Bender

Kenny R Corder

Ghaled Wedad

Ricardo Ooft

Ruby Quince

Sunday Sample ssc 199 8th March 2015 by Haggerstonradio on Mixcloud

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