SSC #200: Sunday Sample Beats

SUNDAY SAMPLE #200. OK, here is a pretty random selection of the samples sent in. can’t remember who sent what, but i figure that there’s something in there for everyone. For the new folks, you just need to use a couple of the samples, don’t try to use then all, they won’t fit. add anything you want – samples, instruments, acapella vocals… anything. POST YOUR BEATS BELOW!

Oskar Schoen

Doc Sebulba

Neil Sims

Sean Hemanifezt Cothrine

Masih Nazerian

Stéphane Gibert

DuckAlert Beats

Over 100,000 Underground Hip Hop Beats, Instrumentals

Kenny R Corder

Soufian Vogt

Travis IllCosby Johnson

Ruby Quince

Till Bender

Thomas Vanderbeck

Vincent Duke

Mönchin Undso

Richard Pomfret

Ruby Quince

Sunday Sample ssc 200 15th March 2015 by Haggerstonradio on Mixcloud

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