SSC #202 Mike Perjanik – Exotic Plumage (Sonoton)

SSC#202: INTER-COMMUNITY BEAT BATTLE!! OK folks, it’s team vs Team this week. Well, it’ll still be between ourselves, but we’re flipping the same sample as the folks over at Art of Sampling, which is a nice community, but we are fresher, badder, boss. And we’re going to prove it. Post your beats below by 8pm UK time for the radio show. and here’s the download: . We’ll play the first minute or so on the show, so keep it tight, keep it fresh, wave the flag for Sunday Sample CRUNCH.

Austin Quinn

Navron Griffiths

Ryan Sevendaze Doyle

Neil Sims

Masih Nazerian

Kenny R Corder

Monster-matt Markus

St├ęphane Gibert

Ruby Quince

Maxime Crepeault Villeneuve

Doc Sebulba

Marlon Masanz

Stan Steez

Till Bender

Tony Orazio

Andrzej Aro

Tragedy Ferrero

Akim Davies

Richard Pomfret

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Travis IllCosby Johnson

Travis IllCosby Johnson

Travis IllCosby Johnson

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