SSC #205 Mask – YUJI OHNO (1976)

Oh No! Mask By Yuji Ohno. Big thanks to Aaron Kelley for helping with this weeks selection and we have a complete BANGER. Post your beats below. And if you want to put your scores for peoples beats for me to include on the show, put then in comments too. Will this be the best Bedroom Beat Show ever? I have a feeling it could be. SPECIAL PRIZE THIS WEEK. The winner gets this star *

Ruby Quince

THE BEDROOM BEAT SHOW SSC#204: 12th April 2015 by Haggerstonradio on Mixcloud

listen to last weeks show or you suck donkey balls.

Calle Dubbelwe Wadell

Ghaled Wedad

Doc Sebulba

Chris Sicktunes

Ruby Quince

Oskar Schoen

Monster-matt Markus

Sean Hemanifezt Cothrine

Austin Quinn

Marlon Masanz

Kenny R Corder

Andrzej Aro

Aaron Kelley

Dylan Connor

Ruby Quince
here’s a review of all the beats

The Bedroom Beat Show #205: 19th April 2015 by Haggerstonradio on Mixcloud

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