SSC #216: Sunday Sample Crunch

for SSC#216 we’re going to do something a little different if you’re all down, inspired by the chatz on the BBS show this weekend. How about a sort of modern, wavy/trap-inspired theme for this week? We’d still have some samples, but the idea is that we have to make something that belongs to a genre? Give me your thoughts Randall Soufian Robert Austin Mönchin Wazz Travis Chris Neil DjSadhu Lars Jaye and anyone else (i just picked some random names). I’ll post some tracks to show you the sort of thing i’m thinking… basically, i’m saying let’s drop boom bap for a week.

Soufian Vogt

DjSadhu Beats 

DjSadhu Beats

Doc Sebulba

Kenny R Corder

Waxer DiscoScratch

Dionysus O. Mega

Ruby Quince

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