SSC #229: Beat Battle Community

it’s BEAT PUSSY COMMUNITIES DOWN week. That’s right.. the stiffs over at BattleFlips : Beat Battle Platform and Art of Sampling: Crate Digging & Beat Making are in and we’re going toe to hoof, nose to beak, head to… wtf is that? They did a poster.

Here’s your sample pack:

And the rules… a few changes to the usual style…
1. You can ONLY use samples from the sample pack. No additions!
2. The maximum length of beats is 3 minutes.
3. Deadline is Sunday October 4th on 12.00 CEST

There is some 2nd round stuff about the best 3 going forward for voting at 11am UK time (which is 12.00 CEST), then the top 3 will be shared with the other guys and…. i think we may have to iron out a few of these details and update you.

Here are the unofficial SSC rules.
3. personal attacks totally fine
4. you’re welcome to do beats for another community if you like. But you’ll be dead to us.
6. we’re SSC, we don’t have to sound like anyone else.

But just get to it, do your community proud. There is some talk about the best beats being put onto a seven inch. It’s all talk right now, we’ll see.

BTW I’m calling them pussies but i mean that respectfully. I love pussies.
Seriously, they are good guys. But let’s fvck ‘em up anyway. Keep it fresh, keep it SSC.

Doc Sebulba

Conan Swanson

DjSadhu Beats

Thomas Vanderbeck

Neil Sims

Randall Chin Ten Fung

Austin Quinn

Seiji Komo

Andrzej Aro

Stan Steez

Tom Haukland

Mark Oosterveld

Ruby Q

Kenny R Corder

Jamie H Schnetzler

Ghaled Wedad

Ryan Melnick

Chris Mandingo Superdome Sever

Ghaled Wedad

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