SSC #233: Gotta Find A Lover – Roy Ayers Ubiquity

SSC#233: Roy Ayers Ubiquity/ Gotta Find a Lover. I’ve taken this from the fellas over at The Beat Community. Perhaps not a sample we’d choose, but there are a LOT of chop opportunities in there, fo’ shizzle.

As usual, post on FB and put it onto the VOAT board.

There’s a prize of some software, but of course, you need to apply through their event/page. OK, we may lose a few people, and we’re helping their approach to sponsored comps, but that ain’t no thang.

Tell me, would you guys like for us to be offering software prizes for comps? I’m not bothered to be honest, i like it pure and for the love, but if you wanted it, we could make it happen. Really, i just like us challenging ourselves against other communities, because i have faith in the SSC Collective.

Lars Vader

Ruby Q

Stan Steez

Neil Sims

DjSadhu Beats

Ruby Q

Randall Chin Ten Fung

Ghaled Wedad

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