SSC #234: Beyond The Twilight – Yuji Ohno

SSC#234 STAN PACK! Well, it’s a lovely short sample by Yuji Ohno and stan has also prepared a bunch of drums. We’ll try out a week wher you have to use only the drums in the pack (don’t worry, they are nice drums – this is Dr Stan after all) and there are around 150 drums. ACE. post here on the facebook group by london 8pm, and on the VOAT board. Have fun..

DOWNLOAD sample & drums:

Also, who would be down for a *live microflip* on sunday. I give some samples out just before the show nad at the end we see what people have down with it?

Soufian Vogt

Sebastian Kot

Stan Steez

Michael Therkelsen

Lars Vader

Ruby Q

Randall Chin Ten Fung

Neil Sims

Bobby Ju

Doc Sebulba

Ghaled Wedad

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