SSC #235: DeBarge, Time Will Reveal

Time Will Reveal by DeBarge. Yeah, it’s SLOW JAM week. You don’t have to make a slow jam but it would be cool or at least the SSC version for 2016. Post your beats on the facebook page, on the VOAT board and give feedback. The radio show is at 8pm Sunday, so post by then on the VOAT if you want to be included.

NEW RULE. can you send me your Mp3s of your beat from now on. it makes life easy for the mixtapes and the radio show. Send it to —-> thanks you!


(there are probably better versions out there)
VOATING: (there is no better version)

Lars Vader

Neil Sims

BennyBen Beats

Michael Therkelsen

Randall Chin Ten Fung

Burnamen Jones

Ruby Q

Doc Sebulba

Ghaled Wedad

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