SSC #237: Duke of Burgundy

SSC#237: Duke of Burgundy. Big, big sample and it’s all ours. Expecting big things. Post in the comments below, post on the VOAT board, tell your beatmaking homies to participate. When you’ve done your beat send it to (making sure the mp3 has your name in the title) to get played on radio.

Remember that i try to play the first 60-90 seconds, so a 60second build up and i may miss your fav part. Let me know if that’s the case and where i should start.

DuckAlert Beats

DjSadhu Beats

Ghaled Wedad

Soufian Vogt

Ruby Q

Jaye Burough

Neil Sims

Lars Vader

Daniel Sinclair Bedneau

Randall Chin Ten Fung

Michael Therkelsen

Andrzej Aro

Doc Sebulba

Soufian Vogt

Daniel Sinclair Bedneau

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