SSC #240: Christmas Special SSC vs AoS

Christmas Special – SSC vs Art of Sampling: Crate Digging & Beat Making. The AoS guys have had the sample for a week while we were workin gon the Reddit challenge, but i figured it’s time to unleash the files on you. Here’s the download (NEW LINK Austin) and the rules that AoS have suggested are below.

I’m aware that we haven’t had the show for SSC#239 yet (it looks fvcking great) but i don’t know what the situation is with the radio station, so i also don’t know if i will be back on air for the planned show with David Ogg from AoS, but i’ll keep you informed about both. We will do them, even if we have to do it in a new way. I’m thinking a live video stream (which was what i had planned for this weekend BTW).

Anyway, rules below: Don’t worry about them, we’ll just roll with it and have fun. AoS have already posted a lot of heat. There is a new VOAT entry for SSC#240 but i’m not closing SSC#239 until we do the show.

The rules:
1. You may only use sounds from this sample pack. No additional samples, VST’s or acapella’s.
2. However, you may use your own drum and bass samples.
3. Beats may have a maximum length of 2 minutes.
4. The deadline is saturday the 19th of december, so you’ll have some extra time.
5. Post your submission in this thread with a tinyurl.
On saturday, we’ll vote for a top 3 from our group and Sunday Sample Crunch will do the same. The 6 finalists will be played and judged on the Bedroom Beat Show on sunday the 20th of december by Ruby Quince and yours truly.

Ruby Q

Ghaled Wedad

Lars Vader

Kameo Soundresellerz

Doc Sebulba

Soufian Vogt

Michael Therkelsen

Richie Gusto

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