SSC #241: Happiness – Rhetta Hughes

Rhetta Hughes’ Happiness. Nothing fancy or clever, no battles with anyone else, just you, us and a dope sample to chop. This is the banger that you’ll see 2016 in with. You’ll stick to that health regime, girls will fall at your feet, you’ll get crazy job offers, Stan will give you a 10 on the voat. two thousand and motherfvcking six-teen.

Post below and on the voat. I’m not sure when the show will be as the radio is still out of action, but i WILL do it. Planning on a show-a-day when the station is back.

Ras Menelik

Thodoris Apostolopoulos

DjSadhu Beats

Burnamen Jones

Neil Sims

Lars Vader

Ruby Q

Jasun Scoot

Ghaled Wedad

Tom Haukland

Doc Sebulba

Michael Therkelsen

Daniel Sinclair Bedneau

Kameo Soundresellerz

Richard Pomfret

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