SSC #242: Ooh – Roy Ayers

Thanks to Ras for this fine selection. So much to chop, lovely vibes, literally. And sex noises.

1. Download the sample:
2. flip it, play it to your girlfriend/mom/cat, post on soundcloud and if it’s good enough for the mixtape email it to
3. post on and vote for the others. Be honest if you want honest back.
4. I’ll let you know when the radio show is… it will happen at some point. There will be a lot of catch-up to do. Last 3 weeks have been sick, SSC are the Jedi Knights of internet beat-making.

DjSadhu Beats

Bubby Halz

Baba Rasalesch

Ras Menelik

Neil Sims

Thodoris Apostolopoulos

Kameo Soundresellerz

Lars Vader

Doc Sebulba

Ghaled Wedad

Benjamin Williams

Sebastian Kot

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