SSC#116: CYBERNAUT – Tonto’s Expanding Head Band

Tonto’s Expanding Head Band: CYBERNAUT. Another tricky week… the challenge here is probably to find the beat that just gels with this, beecause there aren’t really any breaks or sparse bits… it’s very full (bass, synths, no beat), but the melody is a killer. I suspect it won’t take you too long to do this once you have found that connection, but you’ll have to chisel it into place. Think Rocko/ Rick Ross’s UOENO beat..

Mönchin Undso

Pawel Pawloero Ryzlak 

Soufian Vogt

Kenny R Corder

Odd Jobs

Peter Steiner

Jamie H Schnetzler

Andrzej Aro

Richard Pomfret

Monster-matt Markus

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