SSC#15: Mike Vickers – “Turning Point”

We’ve gone library music crazy at SSC, and this week is a real class act from 70’s film & TV. Tell the truth, most of us always have been library freaks, but we’ve been trying to push out into new sounds. Duck, MiS and I even had a 60 minute Tuba challenge, which resulted in some right nonsense. Well, i kinda liked mine, but hey.

It turns out that Mike Vickers was in 60’s band Manfred Mann (do wah diddy…. youtube it, it’s not something a lot of you will appreciate, most Brits will know it all too well), and i found some cool pictures of him in the studio with the beatles, so you know he knew his stuff. I would have used that picture, but I’ll scare people off if there’s another picture with an old synth on.

Anyway, if told you where the original forum thread was, you’d probably go take a peek, right? Maybe not, but i list them on each SSC post anyway.

Sunday Sample Crunch week 15 by SundaySample

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