SSC#143: Masatoshi Nakamura

Masatoshi Nakamura. This one is amazing. I’d been saving it for a flip later, but Jamie H found it and everyone voted. this will be a big week. This week can you all send me your file and i will review them on the nondef radio show on Sunday night – this means you will need to get them to me Sunday midday, UK time. I will get a decent rip of the file later, but if anyone can get it, let me know.

Pawel Pawloero Ryzlak

Anders Berntsen

Jollo Di Bolcznek

Bruno Moeve

Krzysztof Chriss Jączak

Thomas Vanderbeck

Richard Pomfret

Mönchin Undso

Mario Feliciano

Maxime Villeneuve

Paul Fuhrmann

Rusti Delmer

Pete Myers

Reef Antonio Loretto

Andrzej Aro

Renfield Devoivod

Ruby Q

Jamie H Schnetzler

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