SSC#16: Lionel Richie – “Hello”. Yep, that’s right. One of the best SSC’s

I’ve been suggesting this track for a while, partly for wind Duck up, and to push the team a little. Of course, they veto it all the time. But for some reason nobody challenged it in the forums and it became the sample. My thinking was that it would be fun to flip something that everyone knew. The result was good: Personally, it’s one of my favourite KK remixes of the series (mine features Dominique Young Unique), but it made everyone work hard and the tracks that came out were solid.

In the process of doing this track, i realised that the girl in the video is very very hot and I actually love her. Just like Lionel did. Except, if i was her teacher, twice her age and she was blind, I’d definitely be thinking twice about stalking her. But I guess it was just a video and Lionel isn’t really creepy, and Nicole turned out just fine. So all is well.

Sunday Sample Crunch week 16 by SundaySample

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  1. Coney

    Hey KK the site looks great! Looks like you def put alot of time and effort into it. Love it bro!

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