SSC#17: Alfred Pee Wee Ellis – ‘In The Middle’

Big, brassy JB’s grooves for this week. A sample you are sure that you’ve heard before, but can’t quite place. No doubt it’s got balls, and coming from someone in the legendary JB’s, you know those balls swing. Let’s be clear here: James Brown was THE Godfather of Soul (hence why i had to use this picture with JB & Pee Wee). And Giving Up Food For Funk is one of the greatest funk numbers ever. Now, if Pee Wee also played on James Brown’s ‘Hey America’, he’s officially a God.

To add to the mix, Nepaul offered an acapella featuring Silvatung to flip alongside the sample: we wanna do that a lot more, so if you have a vocal to offer, holler at me on the contact form.

But the SSC tracks? Judge for yourself.

You can fill the gaps in the forum.

Sunday Sample Crunch week 17 by SundaySample

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