SSC# 178: Sample Pack Crunch

This week something a little different. I’ve put together a sample pack with 16 samples and you have to flip your beat using any THREE of the samples. Use more than 3 if you like, and add anything else you want. OPTIONAL EXTRA. make your beat either 130bpm or 95bpm. If you aren’t feeling those speeds then you can do whatever you like, but i will do a mix of the tracks if they are good and same BPM is useful. Some of the samples are 95/130bpm… easy. POST BEATS BELOW by the end of SUNDAY

Pawloero Beatmaker

Doc Sebulba

Rémi Leszczynski

Al Terego

Austin Quinn

Drago PropaliTeković

Jimmy Hughes

Renfield Devoivod

Ruby Q

Dimi Todorovski

Soufian Vogt

Brandon Hart

John M Bachman

Marcello Delcaro

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