SSC#21: Afro Cuban Band – ‘Something’s Gotta Give’

There was literally one suggestion for this weeks sample, all agreed straight away that it was a beauty, and we rolled with it. I think that it’s been sampled somewhere before, but i’m not sure where. I do know that there are about 10 breaks in there worth exploiting, and the core groove is so hip hop friendly it’s criminal.

The band were around 1975-1979 and i suspect that there is more to find from their various disco 12 inchers. I could give you the whole spiel, but you cind out more at discomuseum and just dig the output from the SSC crew.

The forum thread on DT is here, but I have to warn you that the chatter around what we do has shifted to Facebook mostly. I still post the tracks on dopetracks, which is where SSC started.

Sunday Sample Crunch week 23 by SundaySample

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