SSC#244: Bowie Week

so i’m a little nervous about this, it’s not an easy one, but it’s the one you voted for. I have faith, but you’re gonna have to work for your lunch here. Here’s a deal for you. If you hate this and can’t do anything with it, ANY bowie sample will get love. This is the one and only time we’ll open it up like this, and i think 99% of you will stick to the sample, but if the sample don’t bring pleasure then don’t force it.

Remember to VOAT:
PS. does anyone want to do a video/radio review of one of the missing weeks?

DjSadhu Beats

Lars Vader

Randall Chin Ten Fung

Andrzej Aro

Lars Vader

Soufian Vogt

Neil Sims

Austin Quinn

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