SSC#27: Roy Budd – M17 (from Foxbat)

The picture is pretty much unrelated, aside from being a fox bat. but i don’t think that there are any foxbats in the series that this is the theme tune for. Roy Budd seems like a bit of a 70s theme tune sample fodder guru…

As ever, if you have a soundcloud account i post you up top. The ones i have to upload to my account are in the player below.

Also, we added voting for beats… check the box at the bottom and choose 3 beats you feel.

#SSC27 Heat Ledger (Unmixed) by ILLCosby

27 ssc27 kk by SundaySample

SSC 27 – Dream Cuisinier by L. A. Proper

Ssc27 by everlucid

Sunday Sample Crunch #27 – Thats tha way a playa bounce (vocal mix feat. Elephant Man, unmastered) by kiddphunk

Buddster SSC #27 UHC FCS/S by SkantroN

SSC27 (Chouaine N°277) by Chouaine

SSC27 O que eu não quero by Diegodetoledo (this came too late for the vote)

SSC#27 (runna up trk)….WHAT U WAITIN ON!!!! feat. RICO KNUCKLES prod. by DABENDA by Rio DaBeatBenda

And for the folks not posting on soundcloud yet
Sunday Sample Crunch: Week 27 by SundaySample

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