SSC#28: Breakout – “Nie znasz jeszcze życia”

I wasn’t a fan of this sample, but the beats turned out good. If you check over on the blog you’ll see the other samples that we selected from.

This is the first week that i’ll add a poll – i’ll probably add them to a few of the new posts and see if people dig them. You can vote on the vote here

As usual, if you posted on soundcloud i’ll post your track embed, if not i’ll try to get the file and i’ll put it in the player below.

So far (Sunday afternoon), we have…

SSC#28 Rock On by powersol

28 SSC#28 KK’s mix, ft. gemstar & hemanifezt by SundaySample


Ssc28 by everlucid

SSC28: Melodies by Master Jace

SSC#28 – Outta The Blue (Arm Fall Off Breakout Znasz Remix) by Arm Fall Off Boy

SSC # 28 by aro1309

#3 breakout by Filas

Earth in its Time by simmerdown

Ssc#28 by JonasBeats

Ssc#28 by pawloero

SSC#28. SHORTY GOTZ NO ASS….prod by RIO by Rio DaBeatBenda

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  1. ILLCosby

    Tough Vote here.. Definitely some Bangers!

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