SSC#29: Ennio Morricone – ‘Lizard in a Woman’s Skin’

At first we had a different video and didn’t know who it was. Annoyingly, i found out that it’s another ennio morricone track, which is probably a bit of a cliche, but it’s a peach anyhow.

Here’s the sample download… and check out last weeks heaters

20 tracks is a record for SSC. ANd a lot of them are heaters! UPDATE. i’m shit at math. it was only 19. and i posted two by Aro. so it’s 18. #fail. still, it’s a record i think, at least it’s teh same as last week. Whatever. By Christmas it will be 100. Probably.

and a late, but very fresh entry from an SSC newb, Ken

Massive week everyone; lot of craftsmanship on a tricky sample.

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    admin (Author)

    do you like this format with the smaller soundclound embed player?

  2. everlucid

    its okay, people like me with low bandwidth, have trouble listening to all the tracks due to the buffer of each track i constantly have to reload the page.

  3. everlucid

    ooh wait it has been corrected with this new layout cheers Ruby!

  4. armfalloffboy

    Yeah it’s much better – good work. :)

    What else would be GREAT? A ‘play-all’ button so i can sit back and stream all that week’s music while working (or maybe a shoutcast stream?).

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