SSC#30: Gal Costa – “Barato Total”

What seemed like a lovely choice from Richard P saved us from a clutch of weird-ass synths and odd-time hippie stuff. But in the end I think that a lot of people changed their minds. Check out the other samples here – some of them will probably come back in some shape or form at some point.

In the meantime, get your slicing socks on and run through this neat little latin number that sounds like it should have Bird Bird and Oscar the Grouch featured on it. And while I’m here, what is it with Gal Costa LPs and swimming? she’s got a thing about stripping off. I guess anything to detract from that funny looking face.

Huge thanks to MiS for the sample download. I posted a version without the left channel, which cut most of the acoustic guitar and made things a bit easier.

+ Monster Matt‘s beat on d0petracks

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