SSC#31: Switched-on Bach (Cloudhop) – Sinfonia 35

At first I thought this was the version of the Bach track by Walter/Wendy Carlos, but turns out it’s a guy that was doing it in the same style. I was pretty surprised, but it still sounds ill and it’s what we’re chopping this week. UPDATE: it’s all done and the best were very fresh – some opted for either a 65bpm (or really 130, no?) skip or sped it up to get to 80+ for a more classic tempo. The most diverse week we’ve had in a while, so mad props to all crunch kings!

You should be able to get the sample here, but holler if it’s been deleted. Remember to tag your beats with ‘ssc’ ‘ssc31′ and ‘sundaysample’ and add them to the sundaysample soundcloud group. It’s no problem if you missed the deadline, i’ll still post new flips, you just miss the vote. I know that people are always coming through and finding these for the first time, so you still get ears.

And make sure you vote on last weeks tricky challenge.

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