SSC#36: Ray Conniff – “Ring Christmas Bells”

Dark, sharp Christmas carol, full of rich vocal layers… the brief for this weeks sample was simple – if the sample isn’t the soundtrack to santa getting molested by a gang of rabid wolves, surrounded by Amazonian temptresses, it’s not gonna get selected. The crew hit the spot with this evil, horror soundtrack-style Christmas carol. My heart said “Hey America” by James Brown (along with “Giving up Food For Funk”, the best JB’s hottest track ever) but we couldn’t deny this oddball festive classic.

Download the track here and be sure to have a Beelzebub boner-fest…

This dude had so many scantily-clad hotties for his various covers, but i had to go with this one for the main picture, inspired by an office hottie. Hey, it’s Christmas party season, i’m tipsy, meh. And here’s another with a vague Christmas reference, due to the presence of red. the bar is low here.

This week i was kinda strapped for time and am still trying to get my NI Maschine, Ableton, Alesis IO dock and logic to talk to eachother (really it should be simple but it’s not), so i simply put a simple beat over the track. I did actually have a few tracks i could have posted, but i just love the song too much and was happy with it as it was.

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    gotta say, i’m loving that snack one track right now. clever clever

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