SSC#38 Micro-flip: Mandingo!

Sometimes that samples that we don’t choose deserve a little love. Add to that an insatiable addiction to beatmaking and you find yourself in the micrco-flip zone. I really wanted the Mandigo sample to win, so a bunch of us on facebook at the time decided to do a very quick immediate flip of that sample.

The idea was that we’d give it a few hours. I think Jonas pumped his out in about 90 mins, Richard (aka Arm Fall Off) hit the mark at 2 hours and i had about two and a half hours… so i kinda cheated, but i was enjoying the sample more than i have for a long time on SSC.

I want to do more of these micro-flips (should we call them micro-crunches?) because they are so immediate and fun. More than anything, it’s cool to post up stuff that isn’t perfect. We used to only ever do the SSCs on Sunday (i.e. 24 hours) so it’s nearer to the original. In fact, it really started when Duck Alert, me and a few others on DT did a 1 hour flip of some tuba thing. I think it scarred Duck for life – he’s still scared of Tubas and has kinda stopped mailing me.

Here they are: no votes because it’s really not about that. Not that anyone bothers voting on the main SSCs anyway.

Ssc38 maNDIGO MICROFLIP by SundaySample
SSC#38b – Mad Django (Arm Fall Off Micro Flip) by Arm Fall Off Boy
h i p n o s e by JonasBeats

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