SSC#42 MICRO: Eternal Champion

Last day of January and a bunch of us were online voting for this weeks sample. The beat addiction kicked in and we needed to chop, so decided to flip the one that didn’t win. This old game soundtrack (from the character bios part of the Street Fighter rip-off game) was so simple and crisp that it seemed an obvious choice. The problem was that there rally wasn’t much to chop – it’s just a synth a weak beat in the background.

This is the 2nd proper microflip (see the previous one for details) but the SSC folk are already into the format: flip it now! We say 2 hours but really it’s just do it when you can that day. New guy Johnny posted within an hour and put the bar high. From there we had a huge stack of them coming in. Some of them in the 2 hour mark, but since i’m in the UK and a lot of teh US crew were still at work they come in a lot later. Thats cool. In fact, there have been a few that came in the next day and that’s fine. I’ll try to post them vaguely in order that they came (or at least when they were on soundcloud) so you get a sense for timescales, but it doesn’t always determine quality. In reality, most of us do the main SSC flips in a day, so it’s not that different.

. Also special props to Luis Den, which looks like a cool community and has sent a few of the fine newbs this week. I feel that a link-up may be in order…

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