SSC#48: Joann Garrett’s “It’s No Secret”

There was controversy this week. A different sample got the most votes, but i decided that this track was better for sampling. I’m not sure it was the best move, but it seemed right at the time. The whole vote thing has been an issue from the start in fact: sometimes it would take days for us to agree the main sample, and even when we started putting it all into facebook and using that to vote on tuesday, sometimes people would go for the most obvious one. My fault for even putting it in the vote, no doubt, and usually we’d just suck it up and flip that sample.

But SSC has often been about taking hard samples and making them work. I sort of think that that should remain the case, but at the same time I want a lot of differently crunched tracks each week. So, we’ve just been mixing it up, having themes or whatever makes sense.

And onto this weeks sample. What a beautiful and slightly weird track, huh? IT seemed easy but turned out to be a tricky one. Yeah, I know, stop me if you’ve heard that one before. The trick was to split the left and right channels because around 80% of the drums were on the right, so it made it easier to work with.

Enough of the babble, let’s get to the moosick.




Rio da beat benda




Emcee Caber

Arm fall off boy


Missing insanity


The Lonious Monk




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