SSC#51: Dalida’s “Pars”

I try to be rigorous about this: post up some suggestions for samples, get feedback, select the winner. As you';ll have seen from recent weeks, this doesn’t always work. This week i straight-up couldn’t be bothered with the process because people weren’t suggesting samples (the shame!), so i plundered the cast-aways of a previous week. I think this was a sample we didn’t select for week 39 (here are the sample selections for that week). In fact there was this Dalida sample, and it was worth bringing back from the dead. Turns out it was a KILLER sample and the results were very fruitful.

I need to do a post for the micro because it was kinda funny because we didn’t really tell people, we just jumped on straight away: i did mine in 18 minutes, and i don’t even think i did the fastest one. Mind you, it was a piece of crap. More of that another time. here are the 25 tracks from this weeks beautiful, floaty, harp/horn/guitar, warm vocal/soft breaks sample.

Kidd Funk

Ill Cosby

Six AM



Da Chouine


Snack One

Monster Matt

Rap Phenomenon

Vibes Antagonist


Dream Merchant

Arm Fall Off Boy




Rio Da Beat


Dub P


Soul Monk

Dave beats



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