SSC#77: AZ, Raekwon & Ghostface – “New York” (Acapella)

Finally we do an acapella for SSC… and with AZ, Raekwon and Ghostface, it was bound to be ill, right? well, yeah, kinda. The SSC peoples were free of the usual shackles of the fixed sample and could just do their thing, BUT, it was actually harder than we thought. Matching a vocal to a beat is one think, but in reverse it’s harder.

So, that’s one thing. But i didn’t think that people would struggle so much with the timing: we all knew it was 95bpm and there are stacks fo versions of it on the web, so there isn’t much excuse to get it wrong. I’m disappointed to report that many people did. I bet you my last dollar that everyone that did get it wrong want to go back and correct it, and most of the beats will be 100% better for it. Often the beat is ill (as you’d expect from SSC) but the vocal let it down, which is a shame.

Still, we’ll do more of these acapella remixes: i’ll even create a section just for it. In fact, i’ll include a video i did a while back, showing you how to get a vocal in right: even if you don’t use Ableton, the principals are the same…



Duck Alert

7Daze (Ryan D)

Vibes Antagonist (souffian)



Tragedy Ferrero

Dave Beats

Mario/ Bendaz

Kdnut/ R Zum


Arm Fall Off

Digital Monster

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