SSC#2: Mancini’s backing to a german flick with Rachel Ward

We didn’t realise at the time that this sample was a Henry Mancini track – I took a look today and the soundtrack for “Die Dornenvögel” seems to be by him, so i’m saying it is. In any case, Mancini is a samplers legend and the video for this is great. Win-Win

Weirdly, when researching this i found another forum where producers had flipped this track. Yep, they’d done it the same time as us… and then i realised that the person who’d suggested it was Luka from DT. I’m not sure why he didn’t link in with us, or why he took the sample to another forum without referencing it. I’m not bothered; it’s just weird. It’s not like we own the sample anyway. That dude got caught beatjacking other producers while on DT, so I guess he’s just one of those folks that doesn’t shoot straight.

. The SSC#2 forum thread has more details. Enjoy the tracks, and tell us what you think.

Sunday Sample Crunch: Week 2 by SundaySample

duck alert
monster matt
tragedy ferrero
Cheeseburglar (but i’m pretty sure he’ll have taken it offline, so expect a dead link)
Push (also missing)

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  1. Demiks

    Everyone got down on this sample props to all of you.

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