SSC#23: Hwang Jin Yi ost -野花 (Ya Hwa) -ファン・ジニ

SSC#23 shaped up to be a bit of a classic. Skan choose the sample, and after a little tussle between this and some Chaka khan tracks, we went with this Japanese instrumental. It wasn’t as easy a sample to slice up as we’d thought.

But if that wasn’t enough, you have a vocal acapella from DT legend Logic the DA. People were given the acapela, adlibs and the original track as a guide, but Logic is a tricky customer with offbeat patterns so there were a lot of interpretations.

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SO many highlights on this… Needles, Duck, Push, ADM, Everlucid, LA Proper, but check them all…

Sunday Sample Crunch week 23 by SundaySample

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  1. sKaN

    SSC Full Effect

  2. Wow! I’m a legend. Have fun everybody

  3. everlucid

    it is a pretty little website…

  4. MonsterMatt

    Site is looking cool

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