First off, this isn’t too heavy on rules: we’re a community of producers that love a remix challenge, so every week we chop up the same sample and post it up on the soundcloud group and facebook group by the following Sunday. If you love beats it’s hard for you to go wrong. If you’re new to it, here’s the drill…

1. To get the latest sample join the facebook group or email the contacts form and we’ll add you to the mailing list (we send out the sample download link each week on tuesday)

2. You have the sample… chop it up, make a track. Most people use the sample as part of the main loop in their beat. You can add any sounds, vocals, whatever. As long as the sample is a major feature of your beat. I did a demonstration video showing how I do my sunday samples (before i got maschine and my beautiful omnichord).

3. Post your beat onto soundcloud and add it to the soundcloud group (tag your track with ‘sundaysample’ ‘ssc’ and ssc45 or whatever number it is that week) and post it into the facebook wall to so people know to check

4. Have a listen to the beats other people post and give them feedback (you’ll get comments back too)

That’s really it. There’s no responsibility to do it every week: just do it whenever you fancy the sample. When you get into facebook you’ll see that it’s a pretty cool, chilled community that loves crate digging and sample jiggling.





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  1. Devaunte

    I want to join the ssc challenge

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