SSC #238: One – Alyssa Marie

SC#238: ‘One’ by Alyssa Marie. We have an excellent, exclusive acapella from a very talented artist and […]

SSC #200: Sunday Sample Beats

SUNDAY SAMPLE #200. OK, here is a pretty random selection of the samples sent in. can’t remember […]

SSC# 197: Bobbie Gentry – Papa, Won’t You Let Me Go to Town With You

SSC#197 Bobbie gentry – Papa, Won’t you Let me… Post your beats below by SUNDAY at 8pm […]

Ananda Shankar - Night In The Forest

SSC 174: Night In The Forest – Ananda Shankar

Ssc174 us and a shanker night in the forest. We’ve flipped this before (SSC#43) but since there […]


SSC#167: Vertigo OST – The Necklace, The Return, and Finale

Vertigoooooooooooo Conan Swanson Reef Antonio Loretto Kenny R Corder

Ninety Nine & One Half

SSC #99: Ninety Nine & One Half – Wilson Picket

Ninety Nine & One Half – Wilson Picket. So this will be a bit of a challenge […]

Puccio Roelens

SSC#95: Puccio Roelens – Caravan

It’s a freaky version with stutterings, bongo madness and stereo split do you can isolate stuff… will […]

Michel Colombier - Thème de L'ALPAGUEUR

SSC#25: Michel Colombier’s ‘Thème de L’ALPAGUEUR’

Another sample gem this week. Michel Colombier‘s Thème de L’ALPAGUEUR is a typical piano & brass driven […]


SSC#24: Claude Perraudin’s Tremplin; French library funk

It was a very hot sample – Claude Perraudin’s Tremplin (1980) – that a lot of people […]

Screen shot 2011-09-21 at 01.55.19

SSC#23: Hwang Jin Yi ost -野花 (Ya Hwa) -ファン・ジニ

SSC#23 shaped up to be a bit of a classic. Skan choose the sample, and after a […]